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its funny… January 4, 2011

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I had this whole thing typed up how i really feel..that is what a blog is for right, to say how you REALLY feel
I don’t think anyone cares

carry on


365 Photos January 3, 2011

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ok so I’m going to try this take a pic everyday deal…maybe I can scrap them somehow next Jan

1/1/11-the first scrapbook Layout I did in ’11

1/2/11-over at we had a challenge to post a pic of something new, I took a pic of Jordan with his new DSi, his new DSi case and a new blanket


Did I mention January 2, 2011

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my new scrappy place!

come scrap with me!! its fun and lots of inspiration!


I haven’t scrapped in ages January 1, 2011

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but today I did-woohoo!!!



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My resolution is I’m going to start blogging more….I kept all my scrap stuff at a scrap site that just closed down and I feel like now I have no gallery to look at it (I have it all on my computer but its not all in one place)
so here I go, I hope you will check in and leave some comments to let me know someone is looking 🙂

to start it off a new site that opened up-Creative Soup is having a launch party today, with challenge, games and prizes!!!! Come have some fun, tell them Sara sent you!