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Pop-up Christmas Card December 7, 2009

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My wonderful friend Bethany is sharing with us this awesome pop-up Christmas card. Don’t be intimidated…this looks difficult but if you follow her step by step directions you will have the cutest card.

So here’s the challenge….Make this card using at least one CTMH product and be entered into a drawing of a FREE stamp set from me!! The deadline for this is December 24th!! COME ON GIRLS-YOU CAN DO THIS! (you do not have to be a CTMH club memeber to be entered into this challenge-all are welcome)

It really helps in the making of this card if you have a bone folder — if you dont have one you can use the dull end of a butter knife or the tip of a ball point pen, that is OUT OF INK
print out the following 2 images on 2 seperate pieces of heavy cardstock
(you can save these images directly from these pics by right-clicking & saving — if you have any problems saving them let Sara know and I can email you the full sized images)

Lay the card that has the outline of the tree on a flat surface.using a ruler, score the card with your bone folder along the dotted line in the middle of the tree from top to bottom. score all of the dotted lines on the tree as well
Cut the card out, along the outside black edge (not along the edge of the tree but along the black outside edge ot the rectangle card shape that printed out)

Fold the card in half, using the line in the center that you scored as a guide — make sure you fold it with the printed tree facing OUTWARD
Carefully cut along the solid black line of the first segment at the top of the tree.
then, fold the first segment at the top to the tree back against the card, along the dotted line, and crease with your thumb or finger.

then open the card & push the first segment thru to the other side, like this

if u turn the card over this is what it looks like

turn the card back over & cut along the second black line, then fold &; crease that segment just like u did with the first segment, then puch it thru to the other side of the card just like we did with the last one

continue to do this with the rest of the segments until ur tree looks like this

then score the 2nd piece of cs that we printed out on the black dotted line, like this one

then cut it out along hte outside black line, like we did with the other sheet
then fold this card, which is going to be the backing to the other piece of paper with the tree on it. fold this sheet in half, using the scoring line as a guide, with the dotted line on the INSIDE of the paper

then glue the 2 pieces together, only put adhesive around the outside edges of the cards. you do not want to have any glue on any other area of the card that might affect the pop out tree
then you are ready to decorate the rest of your card!!!
here are some pics of my finished card


7 Responses to “Pop-up Christmas Card”

  1. Laurianna Says:

    Very very cute card!! love it!!

  2. Cricket Says:

    Super cute!! Gonna have to try this for sure!


  3. Cathy Says:

    That is darling! I must try this!!

  4. Lisa Says:

    What a great card! I love your tutorial. WTG!

  5. Bethany Says:

    yay!!! thanks for letting me be a part of your CTMH Christmas challenges on ur stampy blog Sara!!! love you friend!!! merry Christmas!!!! :biglove:

  6. Love it Sara! I’m going to try it.
    Merry, Merry!!

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